The installment loan is a true classic among credit offers. This is a consumer loan that can be issued in different amounts. It should be noted, however, that the installment loan is always subject to a fixed interest rate, which must be repaid monthly.

Through our installment loan comparison, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily find the best offers and to recognize the differences at first glance. In this way, it is also possible for you to create the right installment loan repayment plan for you afterwards.

GERMANY. Today, even with our low purchasing power and rising prices, a loan allows us to make high-priced purchases that we could not otherwise afford. For important transactions, like buying a car or a house, most people have to resort to borrowing money from a bank.

If a loan is taken out, then various interest and fees will be incurred for it. These are, as far as the loan was not taken out with a dubious intermediary but directly with a reputable bank, all together in the effective interest rate. This effective interest rate clearly shows what costs are incurred around the loan and is therefore ideally suited for a comparison when looking for a suitable loan offer.

Many consumers believe that banks should be allowed to charge a processing fee when granting loans. To save these, they specifically look for a loan without processing fee. This is not even necessary. Because banks and savings banks are not allowed to charge a processing fee for the provision of consumer credit. And no longer since 2014, when the federal court of justice issued a corresponding decision.

5000 Euro credit

It can be quite tempting to invest here and there, without having the money needed for it at hand. Finally, there are loans that plug every hole in the financial plan and thus ensure that even then a car, a new kitchen or the dream vacation can be bought or carried out, if actually no savings for it are available.

Different credit variants are then available, all of which bring their finesses and pitfalls with them and are advertised and offered by banks and savings banks on a broad front. Those who bring a top credit rating can look forward to good deals. If you don't, you have to see how to improve your credit rating or take advantage of offers that are less lucrative. Because an unfavorable creditworthiness is for the traditional banking houses still a rejection reason for each still so well meant credit request. Even if a 5000 euro loan is sought.

Need credit for single mother? A credit offering with small, fair rates and straightforward access?

It's not quite that simple in every case. Use the guide to work out your own loan opportunities.

Building a house usually involves loans and therefore interest - but in the wake of the low-interest-rate policy, the number of home purchases and construction projects rose steadily

Building a house usually involves loans and therefore interest – but with the low interest rate policy, the number of house purchases and building projects has risen steadily.

Loan for vacation

When work is stressful and there are also tensions in the private environment, then it is high time to break out of the daily grind and go on vacation. Simply leave everything behind and just relax for a few days or weeks. Where the relaxing vacation goes, depends on the one hand on the preferences of the traveler. On the other hand, however, also from the purse and how far this can be opened. Because vacation costs money – and not only the journey alone, but also the food supply and the trips as well as experiences, which are to take place thereby.

So if you do not just want to take the bus for a few days in the nearby area, you have to take proper money for the vacation in hand. Many people find out that their vacation wishes and the available budget do not fit together. You therefore decide to take out a loan for the vacation.

Loan request online and at the bank: how to convince without schufa

If you want to take out a loan with a bank, you must first submit a credit application. Within this request, it is clarified what the loan is needed for, what amount of money is needed for the project and what term should be chosen. In the meantime, such a loan application is no longer only possible at the local bank, but also online.

Convince the bank with the credit application

By granting a loan, the bank gives its customer the confidence that the amount of money will be repaid within the given period of time. Whether this confidence is justified will be clarified within the loan application and the subsequent loan application. The customer must therefore explain to the bank for what purpose the loan is needed, what purchases are to be made with it and how repayment will be made. In this context, it is important that the request is well prepared and all information can be substantiated.

credit card-without-foreign-fee

To put it bluntly – credit cards without foreign fees are not products for a select clientele. Everyone can take advantage of these copies. Shortly before the start of the travel season, many branch banks launch their credit card offensive.

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